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Join Sarah and Shelly on our Voices Rising Press Podcast as we get authentic with life and literature, share inspirations, motivations, author interviews, offer support to fellow writers, and more!

Season 2

Coming Next week!
Perfectly Imperfect: Making Peace with Imperfections: Episode 24

Healing and the Tough Conversations: Part 2: Episode 23

Healing and the Journey: Where to Begin: Episode 22

Letting Go with Fall: Episode 21

Writers Cafe: What It Takes To Follow Through: Episode 20

Adventures of a Pirate Girl with Davina Menduno: Episode 19

Season 1

Season 1 Finale! Our Takeaways and Looking Forward to Season 2: Episode 18

Untamed by Glennon Doyle-Book Club 4th Edition: Episode 17

Boundaries, Reactions, and The Three Questions: Episode 16

Writer’s Cafe: Summer Adventures and Our Publishing Progress: Episode 15

The Gifts of Imperfection Book Club 4th Edition by Brene Brown: Episode 14

Mindfulness, Motherhood, and Multitasking: Episode 13

Writer’s Cafe-Vulnerability and The Healing Power of Writing: Episode 12

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert-Book Club 3rd Edition: Episode 11

Writer’s Cafe: Open Hearted Living with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 10

Looking In and Finding Out with Sarah Monares: Episode 9

Writer’s Cafe: Filling Up Your Cup with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 8

The Second Mountain by David Brooks-Book Club 2nd Edition: Episode 7

The Incredible Story of Yak Girl with Dorje Dolma: Episode 6

Writer’s Cafe: Tea and Talk with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 5

Music, Writing and Freedom with Sarah Caton: Episode 4

Educated by Tara WestoverBook Club 1st Edition : Episode 3

Life and Literature with Shelly Bond: Episode 2

Meet The Founders and Hear Their Stories!: Episode 1