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Join Sarah and Shelly on our Voices Rising Podcast as we get authentic with life and literature, share inspirations, motivations, author interviews, book reviews, and more!

Season 2

Summers of Fire with Linda Strader: Episode 40

Memoir Writing: Find you Courage & Cover your ASS!: Episode 39

Awaken You with Shelly Bond: Episode 38

Tell Your Story and Don’t Let Anyone Stop You with Allison K. Williams: Episode 37

Showing Up as You Are: Episode 36

Don’t Give Up on Yourself: Episode 35

Writer’s Cafe: We Have Book Launch! Episode 34

What is Dreamwork? Episode 33

Starting a New Year: Intentions vs. Resolutions: Episode 32

Broken Open by Elizabeth Gilbert- Book Club: Episode 31

Avoiding Holiday Overwhelm and Caring for Ourselves: Episode 30

Writer’s Cafe: Learning the Publishing Ropes: Episode 29

Following Your Intuition: Episode 28

A Lasting Gratitude Practice: Episode 27

Writer’s Block and How to Overcome It: Episode 26

The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr- Book Club: Episode 25

Perfectly Imperfect: Embracing Our Authentic Selves: Episode 24

Healing and Tough Conversations: Part 2: Episode 23

Healing and the Journey: Where to Begin: Episode 22

Letting Go with Fall: Episode 21

Writers Cafe: What It Takes To Follow Through: Episode 20

Adventures of a Pirate Girl with Davina Menduno: Episode 19

Season 1

Season 1 Finale! Our Takeaways and Looking Forward to Season 2: Episode 18

Untamed by Glennon Doyle-Book Club: Episode 17

Boundaries, Reactions, and The Three Questions: Episode 16

Writer’s Cafe: Summer Adventures and Our Publishing Progress: Episode 15

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown-Book Club: Episode 14

Mindfulness, Motherhood, and Multitasking: Episode 13

Writer’s Cafe-Vulnerability and The Healing Power of Writing: Episode 12

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert-Book Club: Episode 11

Writer’s Cafe: Open Hearted Living with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 10

Looking In and Finding Out with Sarah Monares: Episode 9

Writer’s Cafe: Filling Up Your Cup with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 8

The Second Mountain by David Brooks-Book Club: Episode 7

The Incredible Story of Yak Girl with Dorje Dolma: Episode 6

Writer’s Cafe: Tea and Talk with Sarah and Shelly: Episode 5

Music, Writing and Freedom with Sarah Caton: Episode 4

Educated by Tara WestoverBook Club: Episode 3

Life and Literature with Shelly Bond: Episode 2

Meet The Founders and Hear Their Stories: Episode 1