Meet The Authors

Shelly Bond

Shelly is an artist, author, co-founder of Voices Rising Press, Reiki Master, yoga teacher, blogger, podcaster, and creator of Yoga Bliss with Shelly. She lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains along with her husband, three ginger children, and two dogs.

When she is not immersed in her children, nephews, nieces, sisters, or mountains of laundry, you will find Shelly summiting creativity by pausing and inhaling nature around her, practicing yoga, reading, or writing whatever is overflowing her heart. As a personal growth advocate and seeker of the truth, acceptance and understanding play an essential role in Shelly’s life. She embraces the power of healing through writing and comes to this work with a passion for helping women, especially mamas, who feel lost and want to find their personal power through self-care and authenticity. Shelly believes the ability to heal–whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual–is within us all.

Sarah Caton

Sarah worked as a plant biologist in Rocky Mountain National Park after graduating from college, thinking she was going do that work forever. But life diverted her to becoming a mother and owning a preschool in Boulder, CO. She is grateful for all the experiences and beautiful connections made, however she felt like business ownership took everything out of her with nothing leftover for her creative passions.

She realized what she really wants to do with her life is make art, write books, play music, and live the creative life. So she closed down the school and moved into the mountains, aiming to support herself with music, writing and art. Now her dreams are coming true. She has co-founded Voices Rising Press and will soon publish her first book and record her first album. She is at a place in her life where she lets her heart lead and believes love is the answer to every question. By sharing her authentic voice Sarah hopes to help others heal and follow their own dreams as well.