6 Tips How to Clear Your Mala Necklace

Hello My Lovely Friends! If you wear a mala necklace or bracelet find out how you can clear it for maximum health and healing benefits for the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

I want to share some simple tips and extend the life and help maximize the healing properties of your incredible mala. You will notice your mala is strung with crystals and stones. These precious stones are incredible because as you know they hold many healing properties for the mind, body and soul.

The thing is these malas’ take “hits” for us, these crystals absorb the negative energy of our environment and help bring healing in our lives.

6 Tips to Clear the Energy of your Mala

1. Selenite

Selenite- A clearing crystal that naturally helps clear energy is selenite. This stone holds powerful positive vibrations that are naturally protecting as well. I place my mala necklace and bracelets of the day on my selenite crystal on my bedside table. So when I wake up the energy is clean and clear and I am ready for a new day.

I would recommend clearing your mala a minimum of once per week. Some people like to charge their energy in the mala and that is okay too! Just make sure to get your mala cleared so it is ready to help protect and aid in helping healing different aspects of yourself.

2. Water

Water- Running your mala under cool to warm water or soaking in a small bowl of water with a pinch of Himalia or sea salt for one minute is a great way to clear the energy. If you choose the bowl with the salt be sure to leave the tassel out of the water or hold it securely above the water. Because the salt can wither the material on the pendant as well as the tassel.

3. Place Under a Full Moon

Place Under a Full Moon- A full moon has so many different significance. This natural cycle of the earth and moons alignment is here to help us let go of what is no longer serving us. As well as being open to new experiences and new energy in our lives. So by placing your mala or any stones or crystals you may have in a window with full moon exposure; is an excellent way to cleanse and recharge the energy in incredible ways!

4. Set an Intention

Set an Intention- Setting an intention is a powerful tool for anything in your life. When it comes to your mala you can set an intention to cleanse and clear the energy from your mala. And this powerful practice will allow you to exhale and be ready to absorb all of the incredible healing properties of your specific crystals and stones.

5. Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl- Place your mala necklace or bracelet inside of the singing bowl, it can be any form, metal, crystal or whatever material. With the mala inside the center of the bowl, and the bowl setting on your non dominate hand.

From here make sure your fingers are extended straight out and not curled over the bowl. Hold mallet in dominate hand. Set the intention the clear your mala. You can ring on the outside of the bowl or begin making circular motions around the outside until you hear the lovely song it will sing you. Do this at least seven rotations to symbolize your 7 chakras or as long as feels good for you.

6. Tassel Care

Tassel Care- Often the tassel can have a “bad hair day.” When this happens run the tassel under cool to warm water for a few seconds. Remove from water and squeeze access water and gently brush downwards with your fingers. Also if you get a fray, repeat the above steps. And use only extremely sharp scissors. Lay tassel on a flat stable surface with the bottom of the scissors blade aligned and slowly and mindfully cut as straight across. And your tassel will be as good as new!

 I am so grateful for you. I love you.




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*Disclaimer malas and crystals and stones are NOT meant to supplement medication or cure illness or disease. Please consult with a trusted healthcare professional and know healing with malas is a part of a holistic healing approach and is not suitable as a treatment or meant as a standalone treatment.

However remember part of the healing journey is believing in your treatment, so if you believe in whatever treatment you choose know it will help you. Love and light!


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