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The Best Present is Forgiving Yourself for Christmas

Christmas can bring up so many mixed emotions and forgiving yourself is nowhere to be found on your to-do list.

This forgiveness I am speaking of is not for anybody else. It’s a forgiveness for yourself, and only for you.

Stop being so hard on yourself. It’s time to tune into your inner conversation. What are you constantly saying to yourself? How about when you look in the mirror? What words come to mind? How about what feelings are spiraling around with Christmas around the corner?

What if You Forgive Yourself for Christmas?

How about instead of degrading yourself, thinking you’re not good enough and you’re not doing enough, that instead you flip it to forgiveness? Forgiving yourself will be the Christmas present that keeps on giving all year long.

Forgiveness for all that you have done wrong. This can be forgiveness for all of the pain you’ve caused. And even forgiveness for all the pain you’ve experienced.

The Forgiveness Lie

Forgiveness is a topic that most of us shy away from. Because a lot of us think that forgiveness brings shame and makes us wrong.

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Thinking forgiveness makes us weak is a lie. Forgiveness is the most honest thing you can do for yourself. Especially for the holiday season and all the gift giving and the guilt surrounding family.

The holidays are a hotspot of guilt. We get tricked into spending time with people who cause us great pain in day-to-day life. Only for the holidays we are told to suck it up. Maybe there’s a family member we haven’t seen all year and for some reason we are guilted into believing that we have to pull it all together and pretend to be a “perfect” family.

It’s Time to Forgive Yourself for Christmas

Let all of that go, because your life is up to you. You get to choose your relationships and especially you get to choose the people you spend your holidays with.

When you open to the mantra or thought “I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.” “I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you” and repeat it forgiveness will unfold on its own timing. These words are a powerful self-forgiveness tool, “I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.”

I say this year we give ourselves the gift of forgiveness. The gift that will keep giving in abundance all year long. Forgiveness will help gently heal the cracks in your heart. It’s time to let go of all of the false notions and perceptions that we hold around what forgiveness actually is.

It’s time to forgive the most important person on your list. You.

Every night when you go to bed remember your forgiveness mantra “I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.”

I am grateful for you. I love you.



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