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7 Ways to Give the Gift of Love this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays Friends, as we all know the Holiday Season can get a little sticky. Instead of stressing about gifts, what if you give one of the best and most accessible gifts there is.

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The gift of love. That is metaphorically and literally. Yes, there is the overindulgence of food and drinks and then there is the shopping and the incessant spending of things. Some of us open credit cards to spend money we don’t even have to shower those we love with thoughtful presents.

Only the holidays don’t need to be an excuse to give what you don’t have to give. So instead of going negative in your bank account or accruing debt or just because love is the best gift there is, you can give something from your heart this season.

Giving love can be done in so many different ways this holiday.

7 Ways to Give the Gift of Love this Holiday

  1. Giving the gift of love can be showing up fully and completely with your family and friends. Meaning leaving the distractions of life out, like put down the smart phones. Those emails can wait until tomorrow, showing up with presences is one of the biggest heart gifts your people would love to receive.
  2. Make a special date, one on one with just you and your special someone, or even child or friend. Make time to connect heart to heart by giving your love fully and completely to this person.
  3. Love grows love. Send a loving thought, text message or make a loving call. By tuning into how you can love and show up better this season you just might be able to allow authentic joy.
  4. Give a helping hand. Love can be given in helping someone in need. Opening the door for someone, picking up trash when you see it, if you see a homeless person on the streets instead of reaching for your wallet look at them in the eyes and say hello with a warm smile. Or offering to do the dishes or clean up because love can be found in an act of service that is a love language most people appreciate.
  5. Make something with love. This is an opportunity to get creative with your gift giving. If you have a talent utilize it here. I have croqueted scarves, hats, painted/drawn pictures, or made mala necklaces as a gift filled with my love. You can write a thoughtful card with a heartfelt message, conveying why this person is so special to you that will mean more than any thing. Giving a hand made gift is an incredible way to express your love this holiday season.
  6. Enjoy this time of year with a grateful heart. Slow down and soak in the twinkling lights in the darkness, give gratitude to the sparkly decorations and smile because this season only comes one time of year. Opening up to a grateful heart will make your more loving. The moments you can show up and give gratitude for what is happening around you will allow love to be your leading force.
  7. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself, stop being so hard on yourself, you deserve a break. It’s time to exhale and forgive yourself and make room for loving yourself because you deserve love. If you allow forgiveness in your heart you will be emanating with so much love your holiday season will be truly be joyful. And remember this, forgiveness is for you and no one else.

I wish you a Happy Holiday and send love from my heart to yours!

I love you.

Love, Shelly

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