I Want To Write My Story But Dont Know Where to Start?

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Writing my story is hard and constricting and I question myself because writing the truth of my life is also liberating and healing.

Writing can be like air coming into my body and without a thought, the next breath comes effortlessly. On the other hand, writing can be like trying to breathe in water, I choke and in a moment I can feel like I am drowning.

With that said writing is something I have a deep calling to do because it brings me to life. Words come deep from my core and I can’t hold them in any longer. There are these feelings I can’t describe that take place when I slow down and write what is on my heart.

Who is Writing For?

Is it true? Is writing a book only for scholarly and college graduates? Or perhaps could people who have a story to tell be writers too?

Okay, Friends, this one almost stunted me from writing my story. Not having a college degree and the backing of information behind the writing process hindered me from actually writing.

Only I exhaled and let the flood of bullshit go because here in this life, our choices are up to no one except us. We can be the ones hindering us from following our life’s purpose. A degree or a title can help with credibility, but a story that is yours is invaluable.

As for who writing is for, it’s for you. Yes, you. If you have ever felt called to write, there is a reason. It’s time to get out of your own way and write.

Maybe when your start, the work won’t be a New York Times Bestseller (at first). Yet how will you ever know the outcome if you don’t answer your calling to write your story? Or write what is in your heart?

I Want to Write But Don’t Know Where to Start

Maybe this message has woken up something inside of you or for years or a lifetime you have had a little voice in your head nudging you to write your story. Or perhaps you feel called to write a Children’s Picturebook. Or maybe there is a fictional story you have been ruminating on. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time and don’t know where to start.

You start here, today, where you are. Get a journal or open a document on your PC and title it My Story. You have to stop saying I will do it when… Because I know how procrastination takes the driver’s seat in our lives. When, my Friends, is now. You write now, no matter what it is, it is time to get it out.

Start with writing if something is coming to you or write just to get these first lines on paper even if it’s jibber-jabber. Dr. Seuss as you may know was a famous picture book author and his nonsense delighted, brought a smile and curiosity into the families of millions.

Why Would I Want To Write My Story Anyways?

Questioning ourselves always opens doors for a better understanding of why we will do something in the first place.

Before taking on the responsibility and commitment of writing your story you have got to prepare yourself. You can start with bullet points or astricts and ask yourself some questions.

*What have you overcome in your life, that has helped mold you into the incredible human you are today?

*Were there any experiences where you never thought you could overcome them? But here you are.

*What is the hardest thing to write about?

*What would you write if fear wasn’t a thing? Or if you wrote from an anonymous pen name?

*If fiction or picture books are your calling, what is your idea? Who are the characters? Where is the setting? What is the plot? What challenges does the main character have to overcome to get to the end?

Dig Deep into Your Heart

Almost all of the time the things that are the hardest to write about are the messages that people need to hear. Take time to slow down and sit with yourself. Meditation is a powerful practice when it comes to writing.

When we take time to sit with ourselves we can get clear on the messages our hearts are communicating with us to write. Even those practices where the mind is running amuck, show up for yourself.

Get Inspired From Other Writers

Yes, there are authors like Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness and The Gifts of Imperfections, and Kristen Neff P.H.D author of Self-Compassion and Fierce Self-Compassion who have years upon years of research to back up their writing who have helped bring inspiration to writers and readers around the globe.

There are other writers like Elizabeth Gilbert and her incredible book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. And another incredible author is Glennon Doyle Untamed.

For those times when we are lacking inspiration and don’t know what to write about, we can seek the wisdom of others. Reading from the hearts and minds of inspired writers helps us cultivate creativity and harness ideas when we feel far from writing and creativity.

Start Writing Your Story

It is time to write your story now. Like actually now, even if it’s one sentence.

The hardest part is starting. We must do this by taking action with the intention to write your story. I am here with you doing the hard work, and writing the hard things by writing my memoir too. We are on this writing journey together, know you are NOT alone!

I love you!



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