7 Tips How to Start a Gratitude Practice Today!

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

-Robert Brault

Hello Friends, starting a gratitude practice has been a way towards changing my life significantly. There are moments when life piles on top of me and I feel like I can’t escape, but with the help of a gratitude practice, I am able to realign.

Plus gratitude has been a proven way to reduce stress, anxiety, panic, and calm emotions.

What Gratitude Isn’t

A gratitude practice isn’t discounting your life or experiences. Gratitude is a way to move from what isn’t going well to even the smallest things we all take for granted to be thankful for what is.

Gratitude isn’t a way to cover up or hide.

A gratitude practice is a fresh start, a new beginning where we can meet life head-on. Creating a gratitude practice can lift us up when we are feeling down.

Where Do You Start with Gratitude?

Take a deep breath in, close your eyes a moment, rest a hand on your heart and exhale. Right here is where you start, you show up as you are here today.

I have noticed we are the ones hindering ourselves, always waiting for the “right” or “perfect” moments. We fool ourselves and say I will start when…And we fill in all of the unrealistic blanks.

“I will start when the kids are out of school. I will do the thing when the kids go to school. I will start when my stress lessens. I will start in the new year. I will start next week.”

Stop Procrastinating and Begin a Gratitude Practice Now!

I know, I know it is easier to procrastinate. I have been known to procrastinate and especially when I am feeling overwhelmed. But we must begin now!

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Gratitude is something you can control. It is one of those things when life is feeling more and more out of our control we can grab the reigns on life and start with a gratitude practice today!

You can start a gratitude practice this morning, this afternoon, this evening, and especially and most beneficial right before we are drifting off to sleep. Because as most of us can resonate just before bed is the time when worries and stressors from the day come in hard.

Gratitude can be a self-help tool that can help you recenter and focus on what is going good in your life.

7 Tips How to Start a Gratitude Practice Today!

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1. Get a Journal.

There is something sacred about scribing our words on paper. The saying where your attention goes energy flows matters here. Make sure this journal is easily accessible and make sure you put it in the same place every day.

2. Take a Moment.

Give yourself a moment to honor and acknowledge how you are feeling without the incessant need to shove it away. Here and now allow yourself permission to show up as you are flaws and all.

3. Put Pen to Paper.

On a clean piece of paper, it is time to begin your gratitude practice. Put the date in the upper right-hand corner of the page to document when you started and off to the left label numbers 1-11.

4. Reflect on What are You Grateful for?

There will be times where this part flows effortlessly and others where a concrete wall builds across the page. Exhale and you can begin by writing I am grateful to be alive.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now move into your feelings, emotions, the people and pets in your life, even the physical things, and nature. Explore all that you are grateful for.

5. Read to Yourself What You Are Grateful For.

Go back to number one and read, you can even whisper these gently to yourself. When you get to number eleven take a moment to pause and let all you are grateful for soak in.

Here is a chance to allow your heart to smile.

6. Gratitude is a Practice NOT a Perfect.

Be kind to yourself. When your inner critique chimes in saying what are you doing? This is ridiculous. Know this is a practice, NOT a perfect.

The first step is showing up where you are no matter what is happening in your life. We are all in different ways going through challenging times and we must start where we are, even when it’s hard.

7. Make Gratitude a New Habit.

Set an intention to make gratitude a new habit by holding yourself accountable every day for the next three weeks, or twenty-one days to write what you are grateful for. And if you find yourself missing a day, don’t sweat it just pick up where you left off.

Or if you find yourself in your bed with all of the lights out and think dang it! I forgot my gratitude practice! Put a hand on your heart and with an inhale recite all that you are grateful for in the eye of your mind.

You CAN Make Gratitude a Part of You

You can make gratitude a part of who you are by writing and repeating what you are grateful for.

Know it takes 21-45 days to adopt a new habit, and up to 90 days for something to become a part of who we are.

I love you and am right here with you making gratitude a part of who I am!





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