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1st Annual Halloween Short Story Contest!

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Voices Rising Press 1st Annual Halloween Children’s Theme Short Story Contest!

Who is it for? All Ages!!

The Contest is as followed: Write and title a short story under 100-word count, not including the title.

Include five of the words listed under the second heading, one time italicize and bold each word. You are welcome to use these words as many times as you would like!

The story can be creative, spooky, cute, or a mix-match of Dr. Seuss-inspired nonsense : ). Extra credit, draw one picture to go with your short story.

You are allowed to use whatever form of the words (ig, singular, plural, or if it pertains you can add: ly, ed, er, or ing to the endings). If you are up for the ultimate challenge, use ALL of the below Halloween words!

Email all entries to voicesrisingpress@gmail.com with 1st Annual Halloween Contest and your title.

The winner and their short story will be published and featured in the Voices Rising Press blog!

The winner will be chosen and released on Halloween!

Include 5 of the Following Words



black cat





The Witches and a Magical Poof!

stick broom and small pumpkins

Through the spark of a black candle appeared two witches who were casting a spell

The sisters flew across the sky. 

From the darkness the full moon light up the night, and then there appeared a black cat. In a magical poof, one sister flipped upside down and watched the cat transform into a pumpkin.

Only when they went to carve the pumpkin it meowed at them. And then they howled with laughter and tossed their hats into the air.

With a magical wave of a wand, the black beast floated up landing on the back of the broom. 

I loved this, and also struggled to keep on task. This was re-write and edit fifteen. Hahahaha, it is funny now but was a challenge to complete.

Join in on the fun and grow your writing! All stories will be added to the blog post, and the winner will be the featured story!!

Happy creative writing Friends!

Love, Shelly


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Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

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