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Let Dead Things Go: 7 Tips to Retreat with Autumn

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go. -Unknown

Fall is here! My favorite season shows us the beauty of letting dead things go.

As a yoga instructor, I love teaching classes and workshops in alignment with the season. Together let us warmly welcome fall and give ourselves permission to retreat and reflect on our lives.

red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water

When we can look to nature, the profound wisdom can show us so much about ourselves. A tree embodies effortless change and flows with the seasons without a fight. For us this transmutes into how we can embrace change within ourselves. And perhaps instead of fighting we can surrender and change as the seasons do.

Let Dead Things Go Like Trees

From season to season, trees are an incredible example of how change is inevitable. As we know trees bud and blossom in the spring and when summer rolls around they are in full effect living life to their fullest potential.

This week Autumn has approached us in the west, and slowly the trees are beginning to change. One by one the leaves are transitioning and in a blink, here comes the soul soothing colors of vibrant yellow, gold, orange, burning red, coppery and all warm colors combined.

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And with the help of the wind one by one the leaves will fly off of the branches and detach. Hello trees please show us how to let go of dead things that no longer serve us.

The Metaphor of Letting Dead Things Go

yellow fallen leaves decaying on forest ground

If we can awaken to the metaphor of letting dead things go, we will not only feel better but we will be open to experiencing a fuller life.

After a tree drops it’s leaves, we don’t see them frantically running around hoarding the crunchy leaves to carry around. Instead trees are opened to letting dead things go effortlessly.

So why do we hold on to things, people, and emotions that are hurting and no longer serving us? What if we can follow the example of trees?

It’s time to let go and in moments letting go doesn’t mean we are leaving things or people behind. Letting go can be an openness to experience what is.

Get Vulnerable with Trees

After leaves have blown off the branches or dropped to the earth more beauty unfolds. Some leaves dance in the wind or violently blow with the breeze until they find a place to settle into the earth where they can be and finally decompose.

Through winter with freezing temperatures trees stand bare and exposed, yet are still rooted deep into the dirt. Trees teach us to trust in the process of life. From letting go, to being completely naked and vulnerable, to allowing what is.

These infinite teaches trust and just are, they aren’t looking forward or backwards or creating chaos because of what they have left behind. Plain and simple or complex and incomprehensible, let us look to fall and learn how to let dead things go.

Retreat, It’s Time to Go Inward

Like trees who teach us so much about ourselves and the effortless transition we can open to growing with the season with the help of retreat.

silhouette of man at daytime

Retreating is something we can do to find calm and peace within the overwhelm of every day life.

Slowing down and taking time to connect to our hearts can be a way towards letting dead things go, or a way of being with what is happening within ourselves.

Going inward can be sitting with our breath, it can be feeling what is happening. Or it can be learning ways we can open to letting go of unhealthy habits/things/ people who no longer serve us.

Retreat and Recharge Your Batteries

We all make sure our devices are fully charged and barely ever let the batteries drain without running for a charger.

So why do we let our batteries run low?

When we are emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually drained there will be nothing left to give to anyone, much less ourselves. We can reach for retreat to recharge our batteries.

leaves hang on rope

7 Tips to Retreat with Autumn

1. Breathe. Inhale and exhale. In and out, bring breath with you.
2. Rest. Sleep in, go to bed early. Take a nap. Allow your body, mind and spirit time to rest and restore.
3. Journal. What can you let go of? What is no longer serving you?
4. Read or listen to a book that fills you up.
5. Notice your thoughts. Are you stuck in worry and complaining? Shift with the season, what are you grateful for? Write it out, and think it.
6. Practice yoga, stretch, or move in ways that feel good to you encouraging a healthier you.
7. Get cozy with you. Take a minute of silence. You, your breath, hold space for letting go of what no longer is serving you.

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