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Mindfulness, Motherhood & Multitasking

Doing one thing mindfully is the new multitasking. Get everything done with the attention it deserves. It will all get done. – Unknown

Mindfulness, Motherhood, and Multitasking–or the three M’s–show us how we can be more mindful mamas. There are so many lies that fool us into what we think it means to be a good mom. Plus the bullshit notion that we must constantly be multitasking to be good moms.

What is a good mom anyway? Is it all of the false notions we feed ourselves?

Is it getting neck-deep in screaming fits, tantrums, growing pains? Our kids saying they hate us or cringing at the dinner we just slaved away at for an hour? Being a “good” mom is different for us all. This blog is here to awaken a new perception of mindful mothering and loosen us up from the multitasking way of thinking.

A Mind-full Mother

Life has shown us there are things we can do to help get us through these difficult moments of mothering. When we find ourselves feeding the kids and also filling up our water cup and the circus act elevates when we answer the phone, and all of a sudden–oh no, someone is bleeding.

In a moment–oh shit! Our water cup overflows from the counter to the cabinet to the floors because we can’t slow down for a minute to just fill up the cup. This is me. I have a reverse osmosis system with a small sink off to the side and I multitask as a way of not being stuck doing one thing.

Make dinner and hold the baby, and oh no, I forgot to order groceries for pick-up so I better squeeze that in too. With a phone in hand, swap out the laundry and now notice something burning. Great–there goes dinner.

We fool ourselves into thinking we must do and overdo everything to be a good mom. Well, I am calling bullshit. Below are some things that can help us work our way into better ‘momming’. And here is how the three M’s can help.


This word used to make me cringe. My mind is already full. Why in the hell would I want my mind more full?

Seven years ago I began a spiritual and emotional awakening. And the deeper I dive into myself the more I can grasp what mindfulness means.

Mindfulness is only a word, to me, it is a practice of showing up in this moment fully and completely–that is, flaws, imperfections and all. I don’t have to be a Buddhist monk or go to an ashram to become a mindful person. We can all become mindful by paying attention to what is happening around us.


Even writing these words can’t describe the magnitude it takes to be a mom. Motherhood runs deep and even deeper than I would have ever imagined it too.

It takes showing up for every minute. If we as mamas can learn how to stop and breathe, this is mindful mothering. Notice what is actually happening, and approach it from a grounded perspective. Meaning we aren’t bringing our old shit in the picture with us. We are seeing with new eyes.

Being a mindful mama is shifting the paradigm away from our old ways of blaming, shaming, and guilting our children and into listening, understanding, and being present to whatever life is giving us.

Being a mindful mama will push us to the max, but we can do this. Remember the mantra “I can do hard things.”


We have been fooled into believing that being a good mom means we must do everything at one time. Only, it is impossible to multitask and accomplish what we want. Research and studies prove multitasking is less effective and takes us up to 75% more time to accomplish the task at hand.

The truth is we must learn how to take one task at a time. Do one thing and follow it through, do it well. When we are multitasking we are doing a half-assed job at everything and this only makes it worse and more stressful.

Together we are recreating and beginning a new way of mindful mothering. We are showing up and breaking free from the multitasking lie. We can do this!

By Shelly Bond

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