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Want to Be a Writer? 5 Tips to Start Writing Today

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Have you ever felt like you have something to share with the world but don’t know how to? Or have you ever thought I want to be a writer? But like many writers, you don’t know where or how to start?

The waiting to write is what stunts many creative people from doing what is in our hearts. And then the self-doubt tells us who am I to write? Well, I counter with who are you not to write?

The want or desire to write is where you begin. We as writers or aspiring writers often have millions of ideas and thoughts swirling around and the chaos inside is what hinders us from even writing a word. It’s time to get it out, one word at a time, one thought at a time, one authentic word from the heart.

So you say you want to be a writer, below are tips the help you start today!

5 Tips to Start Writing Today

ONE: Journal and Pen

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1. Invest in writing by purchasing a journal and a pen that feels good to you, or you vibe with. It is so important to connect with what you are creating, this pertains to the paper and pen in hand. As for the journal you want something on you at all times, so if an idea or thought pours in you can get it down. Make sure you feel connected to your sacred journal, from the way the cover looks and feels, to the thickness or thinness of the pages to the lining or blank pages. Next for the writing instrument, find a pen or pencil that fits into your hand effortlessly, and you can glide from line to line. The reason we do this is, because if we are irritated with our paper or our ink is running low or scratching across the page all of our creative energy is being depleted by something that can be fixed. Computers can also be a great space to write, make sure you are turning off notifications so you are not distracted, and go straight to the writing source like Google Docs or Microsoft Word both work great and you can even access from your phone.

TWO: Question Everything

2. Question yourself. Take a breath and get out of your own way! Most of the time it is us, hindering or stopping us from taking the step and actually writing. Ideas and inspiration are incredible but without action, they are nothing. Make something of your ideas and thoughts, by questioning yourself. Take a moment to honor and acknowledge that we all have self-doubt who especially likes to destroy us before we even attempt to try something new. Trying new things is hard and scary. Writing a book or even blogging is terrifying, and this is when all of the self-doubts come in. “What if they don’t like it? What if I fail? What if I don’t write the right thing?” It is better to face that inner bully head-on and say “Ya, what if? And what if I never write? What if I don’t care what anyone thinks and I write for myself? What if I write and I feel free? What if writing my story not only helps me but will help others like me? Keep open to asking, what if?

THREE: Breathe

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3. Pause wherever you are, inhale into your heart, down into the diaphragm, and with focus on your breath, deeply exhale. Repeat 11- 22 times (there is no magic number), inhaling and exhaling, and with the eyes closed allow yourself permission to listen to the inner chatter and to feel all of the feelings swirling around inside. Also, you can set a short-timer for 1-3 minutes and find a comfortable seat, close your eyes or find a still visual point. You can light a candle and watch the flame, or look at a picture, or go to a window, and look up to the sky. Here focus on your breath or the beat of your heart. I also recommend putting calming music on to stimulate the brain and cultivate inner focus Listen HERE!

FOUR: Get It Out

4. Write, get it out, even if it is sitting or standing where ever you are, and writing your observations of the environment. Here is when the self-doubt chimes in like an annoying pest you can’t seem to shake. How about writing about self-doubt? Or if you have had an idea for a book start outlining the book, by writing what ideas you have, The outline doesn’t have to be in a specific order at first. What is the main character, what characteristics does that person have? What obstacles and gains will the character face? If you have thought of writing your story and don’t know where to start, begin with notes or outline, or anecdotes (memories) of what is most significant to you? If memoir sounds scary, yet you keep feeling like you must write your story please read The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr you can also listen for free HERE! Or read other memoirs to feel connected to the communities of memoirists.

FIVE: Fill Up Your Cup

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5. Fill up your cup! Know there is a time for everything, including writing, and taking breaks to experience life. Just because writing isn’t coming to you today you don’t have writer’s block. You might need time to allow yourself to get inspired by life. Go for a walk, take a hike, connect to a loved one or friend, snuggle your pet, read a book even a children’s picture book, color a picture, take your shoes off and walk barefoot, go for an adventure, hula hoop, or do something you enjoy and might not make time for. We can not be expected to create from an empty cup. Take a yoga or meditation class for free HERE! Do something you love, whether it’s cooking a meal, or just sitting and sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee and inhale a book, or listen to something that brings you joy.

Time to Write

You can do it, its time to write. Write whatever it is, even if its sitting and writing about your struggles. The best writing comes when we get out of our own way and just write! I believe in you, you can do it! Write my friends!!

by Shelly Bond

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