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Earth’s Eulogy: a poem

It’s amazing how fast we all got used to it :
The droughts, the fires, the floods

It’s amazing how long we just ignored it
Year after year

As hurricanes increased in number
We saw more disasters, more hunger

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More reasons to fear
Less resources to share

Wars that never ended
Reasons that never existed

Trouble right out in our streets
But we couldn’t —we wouldn’t —see it

We didn’t do anything
Until it was too late
Until our planet
Suffered an unthinkable fate

It wasn’t until things got irreparably worse
That we finally saw our home, as it was:
Dangling in the universe

A speck of dust
A miracle
A twist of fate

A fragile rock in a bubble of air
Near a perfectly suitable star

And on that pebble, life arose
So many lives
So much living

Over eons of time
Centuries and millennia

But now, the living is over
And we are gathered here to remember

Dearly beloved I invite you to recall
The earth where my children once played

They rolled in the grass
They sprawled in the shade
Of those beautiful creatures upon it which swayed

We called them trees
Their leaves fluttered in the breeze

If only we hadn’t denied The Evidence
It was there the whole time

If only we paid more attention
When crooked people lied

I wish we had done something
To keep it alive

Back when our earth
Still had a chance to survive.

Farewell sweet earth, we miss you like hell
Those seeds in your gardens you tended to so well

Seeds that flourished in your skies, soils and seas
Are now scattered,
Flung across the galaxies

Where perhaps one day they will happen to land
On another perfectly spinning chunk of sand

Perhaps life will get a second chance
A chance begin again

The odds of our earth existing at all
Were so incredibly, incredibly small

But it happened once
That we know of so far

by Sarah Caton

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