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Benjamin Franklin
Our mission is to be a megaphone, a platform for amplifying authors’ voices, allowing their work to be heard and read by an engaged and interested audience. Our publications dive deep into the bigger questions of life, leaving no holds barred, no stones unturned. More than just a publishing company, we are also a community of heart-centered, open-minded souls seeking truth, light and beauty.

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kids making noise and disturbing mom working at home

Mindfulness, Motherhood & Multitasking

Doing one thing mindfully is the new multitasking. Get everything done with the attention it deserves. It will all get done. – Unknown Mindfulness, Motherhood, and Multitasking–or the three M’s–show us how we can be more mindful mamas. There are so many lies that fool us into what we think it means to be a […]

Hearts of wood

THE THREE QUESTIONS: Question 1– What is (really) Happening?

I’m so excited to share The Three Questions with you all. Just three simple questions we can ask ourselves–even in the heat of the moment–to help stay more present, more loving and to make sure our decisions are coming from the right place. Asking myself these questions whenever I’m not sure what to do has […]

My Littles are Big: How to Be a Present Parent

A few months ago I woke up and I realized my littles are big and a deep sadness washed over me. I ask myself have I been a present parent? Am I doing a good job raising my kids? Am I doing enough? Being me I question everything, and sit with the response. Blink Your […]

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