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I will not stay, not ever again – in a room or conversation or relationship or institution that requires me to abandon myself.”Glennon Doyle, Untamed

Two soul sisters and writers come together to create a space to get authentic, vulnerable, and speak our truth even when it's hard. More than a publishing company we are a collective community leading with love, acceptance, and heart. Join us on this journey where we will dive into the real questions of life, literature, and our love for writing. 

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Solitary crow in a tree

A Secret Wish: In My Next Life I Want to Be a Crow

Crows have portal energy. If there were an animal that could transcend realms and move between our world and the underworld (or over-world…or, wherever the other worlds are…) it would be crows. They just have this profound and haunting presence that speaks to me of mystery and the unknown.

THE THREE QUESTIONS: Question 3- How can I Respond with Love?

Anytime I’m faced with a choice of reacting or responding to something, I pause and ask myself these three questions. If I sense that I’m about to make a choice from fear, I stop and don’t do anything else until my choice comes from love.

crop faceless woman showing small gift box on palms

6 Tips to Make Boundaries with Your Mom: The Best B-Day Present EVER!

Have you ever felt trapped by the relationship with your mom? You love her but the pain she causes in your life is too much to handle right now in your life? Is enough, enough? I am right here with you sisters. Making Boundaries The day before my thirty-eight birthday, my birth mother who I […]

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